Bestform 5006238 – cottony soft, stretch pads shaping bra #6238

Bestform 5006238

Bestform 5006238 - cottony soft stretch pads shaping bra #6238

Bestform Bra 5006238, commonly known as Bestform #6238,  is a cottony soft wire free bra. Known for its stretch pads that provide natural shaping, this bra is one of the most popular in the Bestform line. Made with 53% cotton, 39% nylon, and 8% spandex, this bra is a mixture of elegance and phenomenal comfort. This bra is available in sizes 34 through 38 in Pink Ice and White. As with other Bestform bras, this bra is very affordable and compares to bras that sell for four times the price of this bra. This bra and many other Bestform bras are available for purchase at many fine retailers including where you can qualify for free shipping.

I hope you find this review helpful. Please feel free to comment on your experience with this bra and with Bestform bras in general. Happy Blogging!


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